Hamster Wheel (A mixtape​.​.​.​sorta)

by Arsun F!st

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Hamster Wheel is a collection of remixes, rough drafts and deleted album tracks. Rather than let the songs disappear on my hard drive, i put this together in case some folks actually like discovering music that's a lil rough around the edges. Everything i drop after this project will be in your more "normal" studio mastered format. but for now, enjoy these home brewed treats...digital IPA is now on tap...


released January 2, 2014



all rights reserved


Arsun F!ST Jacksonville, Florida

Currently residing in Jacksonville, FL Arsun has become part of the Nerdy South Collective and an active member of the Lyricist Hour show created by Willie Evans Jr. and hosted by Mas Appeal and Mal Jones.

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Track Name: Old Man Cake (The ya'll win mix)
Chorus (2x's)

Verse 1:
Watch the cycles of the moon embody the heart of the boom/
in my Duval mood when i cypher the block smooth/
stop hustling backwards...you askin' me to battle like i need that shit/
i don't like ya'll enough to write for weeks and do research/
so keep my name out yah post nigga it don't work/
i will never get mad and hype and then jump in...
i'm too busy laughin' at the actions of "grown men"/
got a lot to say when they be hatin' on facebook/
see me in the crowd---walk away cuz they been shook/
call me an old head...like that's gonna hurt my feelings...
longevity is king so you acknowledging realness/
you just easy food...i rather fight for my meal cuz there's honor to chew/
i took a peek at you and saw a Pokemon card...
niggas ain't hard they just balls on a frog--can't see'em at all but you know that they there/
irritating as fuck...buzzing in your ear/
it's loud and clear how you doing it wrong...i just had to vent so i wrote this song....(yeah)
Chorus (2x's)
Verse 2:
Rappers pull strings but forget that i'm Geppetto ...
i gave you puppets life now it's time for me to let go/
you frozen huh?...my flows are numb...i drop bars and watch the weak minds run/
and that's my story in Duval...love me or hate me i'm not runnin' so if you owe then pay me/
it's really simple how i livin' my life...but instigators need work so they try to get me hype/
in the hopes that i'll fight and pop off on the mic...but i'm past that right?!...so just dim that light/
in the shadows i reside and keep the energy alive...
i am just one man who's soul will never die/
my pen moves with the passion of patient people...
watch me creep and delete you/
this is'ah preview...kinda like tint that's see through...
niggas claim king but their crown ain't equal/
Chorus (1x)
At this point i'm just going with the flow...
i got 4 albums out and nobody really knows/
it's mostly my fault because the label didn't push it...
and i didn't push the label...at the time i was stable/
i thought it would happen naturally and be organic...
when the label folded all that love became panic/
my ASCAP check got smaller every quarter...
no pre orders...interviews with blog reporters/
no appearances...people thinking i fell off...i was inclined to agree but dammit i'm still raw/
so i connected with Stillwater and P.Locke...
Steam Mechanics...architects on these city blocks/
Duval...i'm just speaking from a place that's surrounded by truth and has no time to waste/
so appreciate the clarity i'm bringin'...if you rather not listen then i'm grateful for the visit/
i'm smart enough to know everybody won't like me...
but for the ones that do move closer on the downbeat...
move closer on the down beat...
and then freeze...
(drums drop...fade out)
Track Name: The Collector (I got Comics mix)
Verse 1:

I'm so Marvel but i like DC....different kind of books but i'm still gon'read/
your Bruce Banner missing it's Hulk nigga...your Batman is missing it's Frank Miller/
the common theme is they both get green...gamma bomb for you Jokers on the scene/
I gotta crush on Harley Quinn and Pyslocke...two crazy bitches with an ass that won't stop/
Scott Summers bagged Jean Grey...So i'ma mess around with Storm i heard her titties fake/
Professor X thinks i'm buggin'...french kissed Mystique...told the Scarlet Witch i love her/
and now Vision wanna murk me...hollered at Stark and got an armored suit early/COLLECTOR
all my comics got boards...diamond select...Greg Capullo toys/
i keep my pose articulated...action figure for you strangers that are not related/
Skottie Young on the variant...2nd childhood...my cover art is arrogant/
you takin' Alfred or Jarvis...two different butlers that'll serve you with the rawness/
COLLECTOR...all my comics got boards...DeadPool 1st appearance on my wall/
New Mutants issue 98...1st print still mint nigga wait/
Diamond select...Greg Capullo toooooooooys/

I'm a lil too Nerdy for that trap life boy....

Winter Solider on my big screen...Age of Ultron was cool but no Wakanda scene?/
Black Panther need his own movie...until then i'm reading "Back to Africa" sue me/
niggas think that i'm too extreme...Secret wars showed ya'll that Doom is still King/COLLECTOR
all my comics got boards...diamond select Greg Capullo toys/
i keep my pose articulated...action figure for you strangers that are not related/
blind box with'ah mystery mini...depending on the ratio...that cash go silly/
I sell Funko on Ebay....it's easy...watch me stack til my beards grey.....